He searched himself: No French letter. (Six Word Story)


Roadside Assistance (Short Fiction)

Ann stopped flipping through the magazine laying atop the counter as she stood behind the counter and turned on the radio where a news anchor reported the news: The man is considered armed and dangerous. He was last seen driving a black nineteen ninety-two Dodge sedan with a broken taillight at the passenger side in... Continue Reading →

Present (Flash Fiction)

He held his three-year-old grandson in his arms as he sat on the sidewalk against a wall waiting for the food kitchen to open. The child lay sleeping peacefully. Coming up the sidewalk was a group of men and woman in tennis clothes baring tennis rackets. They talked and laughed to each other. When they... Continue Reading →

GameDay (Double Haiku)

Yes, interception! Go, go, go, go, go, TOUCHDOWN!! God, I love this team. Pick up the damn ball! Are you F***ING kidding me!? God, I hate this team. © Christian Chacon, 2019

Raging Butter Fly (Lyric Poem)

A sweet temptation, for my tooth's frustration, to my dietitian. A love that is, many a chocolate kiss, that I so miss. And gummy bears, caramel pears, Mars bars. A baby carrot, can never merit, I'd rather heave it. He takes away more, like I'm some raging food whore, until my diet's a dragging bore.... Continue Reading →

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